My work is intuitive based and I am guided by wisdom that shows up within Presence.

This means that sessions vary – however the following are the tools or containers I love using which help create a yang-structure for the yin-magic to happen:

  • I love using western astrology (based on your natal chart) as a container for our exploration, though it’s not essential. You need to know your date, time and place of birth for us to use this medium.
  • Resonant Star Activation Sessions
    You were born with your own stars. These sessions will help you see messages from your soul.
  • I read energy – I use crystals and focus on the 7 key chakras for this illuminating practice
  • I share Yellow Sun Wisdom readings through my inner guide.
  • Sometimes I’m called to pull cards from Tarot and the (always growing) oracle decks I love to play with to help shed more light on what is to be seen.

One hour Energy and Yellow Sun Guide reading: £60
90 minute illumination session: £90*

*You will need to know your date, place and time of birth

To request an appointment email me at