Hello, I’m Kaye Taylor and I am the Creative Director of my life! I live on a mountain in northern Italy overlooking the beauty that is Lake Como.

I use embodied practices to clear and activate my energy centres so that I am a channel for my own acts of creation. 

I love creating and I love curating and I love putting together my creations and curations to make something that others can enjoy and places them in a position to tune and tap into their infinite source of wisdom and creative essence. I know it’s there and I know that holding sacred portals for people provides a safe and honouring space for amazing activations to take place.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed creating businesses, art, technology applications, Sacred Movement Journeys, slippers, paintings, cards, ceremonies, jewellery, nature creations, poems and probably a whole lot more that I can’t remember!

Now I find music, movement, ceremony and connection the deepest form of healing and remembrance. I create journeys that allow each participant to feel held, guided and loved; but most importantly to be able to listen, hear and act from their own wisdom and feel the freedom to express authentically.

Trained as a One Thought Practitioner, a Liberation through Movement Facilitator and a qualified Qi Gong Instructor I focus my offerings on Embodied Sacred Alignment and use music, voice activation, movement, breath and ceremony as medicine in my offerings.

Always pointing people back to their infinite source of wisdom, creativity and abundance I place Spirit firmly at the core of our embodied activations.

My soul-mate, life partner and husband is Iain. He literally supports me in every way possible. We both love cold water plunging and try to do it everyday!

For those who are curious about astrology in my natal chart I’m a Sun Pisces in the 12th House, I am Aries rising, (with Chiron conjunct Venus in my first house!), Moon in Cancer in 4th House and my north node (destiny) in my 12th house in Pisces.

And for those who love Human Design I am an Emotional Manifesting Generator with defined root, spleen and sacral and throat and a 3 / 5 profile – martyr/heretic (loosely translated into experimenter/teacher).

Kaye Taylor

Kaye Taylor


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