I am Kaye. I am your intuitive guide. I am inviting you on a journey into your soul.

Alchemy and magic

I know the depths of despair, the resignation of depression, the grief of separation.

And I know love. I know unity. I know joy.

Within me are these polarities – and through deep dives into my psyche I’ve learned to love what, on the surface, can appear as tension, discord and incongruence and seen the beauty, the uniqueness, the perfection of this expression of life.

These wounds, disharmonies and aspects which were filled with shame, when brought to bright light have become my strengths, my power and my gifts for me and the world.

It’s alchemy and its magic.

Journeying with me

I am a navigator. I read energy and maps of your soul which are shown in the stars and the planets and the houses of our lives. We can delve deep, dance in the light, find the joy in your heart and most of all remember what you’re here for. Discover latent talents, enjoy self-love (though shame and humiliation may be felt too) and come to peace with aspects that you have resisted for more than this lifetime.

Together we can journey into the multi-dimensions of YOU.

If your curiosity is piqued, if you feel the calling, if you have an inkling or full-on knowing you’d like to journey with me, I’d love to hear from you.

Think of me as your dive partner – I’ll show you the way and together we can bring to light what lies latent inside and realise your power and gift to the world.