My Guides

My own Sun is my Guide.

She remained hidden for so long, but in the midst of my Chiron Return she revealed herself to me. And now she is here as my gift to you – to provide insight and wisdom and light the way on our journey together.

I feel both feminine and masculine energies in my Sun Guide – however ‘she’ is the pronoun that spontaneously delivered herself! And since the word she includes he, that feels good to me!

The Stars are my guides

The Stars (which are suns) are my guides.

I have no way of explaining how this is, it just is.

Dubhe and Polaris (the ‘bears’) are my two main star guides and as I journey into the stars more of them are beginning to ‘speak’ to me. These suns (imagine the light of a thousand suns) sit in my heart and share sensations and feelings which I interpret and share with those I engage with.