Three of Cups from Light Seers, Modern Witch and Rider Waite respectively

It’s happening! We’re coming together. We’re playing. We’re showing each other the light. We have travelled long and far and been to hell and back. And now we are being shown the heavens and bringing them to earth. Things that have been hidden are coming to the surface. Love is being shared freely. We’re opening up to our unique gifts and talents. We’re beginning to let our bright light shine more and more freely. We’re healing ourselves and each other. We’re using those latent and often hidden talents which are unspeakable in that they make no sense to the logical mind. But they are real and they have power and we are using them. Woo hoo!

We’re showing each other the way. We’re reminding each other of our gifts. We’re sharing them with each other. We’re PLAYING! Yay.