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Art by Kaye

I’m scared that I’m going to get missed somehow. That I won’t evolve, that I’ll miss a cue and be left behind. I’m scared of not being seen, heard and witnessed by others. I’m so ready for that now. Mother Mary, what can you show me in relation to this?

The only way to love is through the heart-way and trusting that all is given at the right time. You so want to get this right, but it’s not about that. It’s about radical self-care and self-love that keeps you centred in your spiritual and embodied self.

Mother Mary, I open my heart to your love and divine guidance, which I know ultimately comes from me.
What is it I must see?

Honour the land around you.
Honour your Spirit.
Be present to the miracles
Receive them fully.
The presence and embodiment of presence is the access point to your full Divinity here on Earth.
Inwards leads you to outward.

Really? I’m scared that inward leads me to more solitude and not being seen or heard.

We must first truly see and hear ourselves as a spiritual embodiment to have the power to bring this outwards.
Your light shines bright and you must embody all of you. Bring all of yourself home to yourself. Bring all of you home within. Into this embodied presence.

Embodied presence brings all of you home.

This is what you are going to be teaching. That’s why sound, music and dance is such an important element of your ceremonies.

You are listening. You must go the whole way, not skirt or jump over bits.
All of this is important. Every part.
Your joy is paramount to the journey.
Let her in!
Embody your joy, your namesake, Kaye; rejoice, keeper of keys.
This communion is an important part of your practice. It anchors you back to your Higher Self. Joy is contagious. Be that joy and pass it on. Be the ripple of love and joy.

How do I bring in more joy?
Why do I feel so sad?

You feel sad because you’ve cut off from this essential part of you.
This is what you must share with the others. Let us reunite with our joy.

Why have I felt so ashamed of my joy?

Because you have been conditioned to live in a world of suffering and to only hear the stories of suffering. This is the lynch pin of your society.

You have cut yourself off from life itself by doing this.

How do you open up to Joy?

By opening your heart to fully feeling.

Thank you Mother Mary.

Trust in your Divinity, Kaye.

Painted Poems

Imagine if one blue sky day
the hidden stars came into view
And started raining down on you
As they landed
one by one
They’d kiss your skin
and fill you in
on the magic and potential
that already sits inside
Your very own activation guide
The stars are something bright
hiding behind another light.

Painted Poems

I spilt some magic on the floor
It seeped through the cracks
Of my neighbours front door
The next day she told me
She felt so much better
I didn’t know she was feeling low.